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 Ari's Homepage

My name is Ari (R E) and I'm NO LONGER a student of M.Sc. at the Department of Electrical Engineering in the Technion. I have finished my academic requirements at the end of February 2001 and I'm no longer at the Technion.

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Contact information

My new home address and telephone:

Kazanelson 55
Kiryat-Ono 55298
Mobile phone: 0525-915111

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Department of Electrical Engineering *not relevant*
Technion - Israel Institute of Technology *not relevant*
Haifa, 32000 *not relevant*
ISRAEL *not relevant*

Research Thesis

The title of my thesis is "Processing of Spatial Distortions in Images". My supervisor is
Dr. Moshe Porat.
You can read a paper on my thesis that was presented in ICIP2000 - click HERE to download the file (PDF format, ~200KB).

Academic Interests

Image Processing, Computer Graphics (2D / 3D), Computer Vision, Human Vision System, Audio Signal Processing.


Projects I've supervised

(Please note - the links to the projects are NOT updated, and most of them are now "broken")

CV - Curriculum Vitae -

My CV ("Korot Chayim") is available
HERE in several formats.

Links I find useful

Search Engines:
Goolge (English)    Goolge (Hebrew)    Walla (Hebrew)
Science news: HaYadan (Hebrew)
Yoga: TantricYoga.net   Shiva-Shakti Tantra Yoga

ISO 8601 - Standard date format: YYYY-MM-DD

Did you know that there is a standard way to write a date? No, it's not the American 'MM/DD/YYYY' and it's not the Europian 'DD/MM/YYYY'... According to ISO8601 the standard way to write a date is 'YYYY-MM-DD' (like 2000-11-15)! To read more about ISO8601 ("the standard that could have saved us from the Y2K havoc but didn't") click


Some jokes I've collected. Enjoy! :-)

Last updated: 2009-12-10.

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